Licensed taxidermist, Mike Kahlert, pictured with awards for various fish mounts that he created

Black bear icon shown in gold color Step into the Wild with Great Bear Taxidermy, the Upper Midwest’s Premier Taxidermy Studio

Great Bear Taxidermy is owned and operated by licensed taxidermist Mike Kahlert.

Formally established in 1976, Great Bear Taxidermy operates with 50 plus years of taxidermy experience. Our award-winning team of talented and detail-oriented artists is dedicated to reproducing dynamic, life-like trophy mounts. Every element (animal pose, color, texture, and base / habitat) of the custom mounts crafted in our Minnesota studio reach extraordinary creativity levels and meticulous detail.

From record breaking freshwater bass to oceanic sailfish, from whitetail deer to African Antelope, from large black bears to exotic water buffalo, Great Bear Taxidermy has a reputation for delivering astonishing results no matter the animal type, species, or size. Our extensive study in animal movement, behavior and habitat allows us to produce unique mounts that are unmatched by other taxidermy studios.

Throughout our lengthy history we have continually expanded our taxidermy services to accept a wider range of animals. In 1998 we constructed a larger shop to better meet custom requests. And in 2000 we added African taxidermy services. Today, Great Bear Taxidermy is recognized as a worldwide service provider for carefully designed and sculpted taxidermy art.

— Awards & Recognitions —

Mike and the Great Bear Taxidermy team have won numerous awards, some of our more prestigious recognitions include:

  • Mckenzie Taxidermy Supply Distinguished Service Award
  • Professional – Best of Category – Gamehead – MN Taxidermy Guild Association

Turn Around Time

At Great Bear Taxidermy we know you are eager to receive your trophy, or trophies in the case of multiples, so we always offer a timely 6-10 month completion time.

Mount Shipping / U.S. Import Services of Hunting Trophies

As a professional and experienced taxidermist, we are licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to import hunting trophies. At Great Bear Taxidermy, we are also officially approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to receive restricted animals if all paperwork is in order. Importing hunting trophies into the United States is usually a simple process and we would be glad to help.

For potential taxidermy services related to African and exotic species, please contact Great Bear Taxidermy well in advance of your safari so we can assist you with obtaining proper permits, necessary shipping instructions, and other legal documentation.

Woodworking for Custom Bases and Pedestals

As a professional taxidermist, Great Bear Taxidermy provides much more than basic animal mounts. Our shop offers custom wood working, and has the ability to create any type of cabinetry. From simple frames to fully functional cabinets and dioramas, we can take your mount from lifeless to lifelike, complete with its own enclosed wildlife setting. We also offer on-site trophy installation. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule a visit to our central Minnesota taxidermy showroom.

Taxidermy Tanning Services

What is tanning? Tanning is the process of turning an animal's hide into usable preserved leather. It is this preservation process that makes the art of taxidermy possible. There are many different methods and formulas used to tan a hide. The process of tanning dates back to the early Egyptians, Arabians, and Hebrews, and even more recognizable, to the American Indians, who passed their system of tanning onto the early settlers.

As a professional taxidermy studio, we understand that your prized take is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, which is why no shortcuts are taken when it comes to preserving your valuable hunting trophy. All skins utilized at Great Bear Taxidermy are tanned at a commercial tannery.

A Word About Pricing

Price shopping is always a smart idea. You always want to get the most for your dollar. With that said, we would like to add that when it comes to taxidermy services you are purchasing a custom piece of art. Or rather, you are purchasing someone's talents to recreate your trophy into a dynamic and detailed piece of wildlife art that will provide a lifetime of memories and decor.

While price is an important factor, it should not take top-priority when it comes to finding the best taxidermy expert for your future animal mount. It is of the utmost importance that you preview, research and study a taxidermist's previous work before contracting him or her to complete your mounted piece.

This type of research can be performed online or through printed resources (flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc.) provided by the taxidermist. The next step is to actually visit the taxidermist's shop. Almost all taxidermists have a showroom displaying examples of their work. Great Bear Taxidermy is no different; we maintain an expansive studio showcasing mounts of various species, sizes, and habitats. Whether you are visiting our taxidermy studio in Osakis, Minnesota, or other taxidermist shops throughout the area, we recommend that you ask questions and look closely.

In the end, price should only be one factor in your decision. Afterall, you are the one who will be looking at your mount for decades to come, so do all you can to ensure that the end result will look spectacular.